Does the Sleeve come on a noodle or do I need to buy one? 

We've got you covered! The sleeves are already wrapped on thick buoyant noodles and ready for game time.

Does it ship to my area? 

We ship all over the continental US.

Can I wash the sleeve? 

Yes, the sleeve is the same material as your bathing suit and can be removed, washed, a re-applied.

How many noodles come in my order? 

3 different style noodles come in each order!

Can I put the sleeve on other noodles? 

Yes, the noodle fits most standard size noodles ranging from 54' to 59' and 2.3-2.6' diameter.

Will the noodle get ruined if I take it in the ocean? 

Long term exposure to salt water and chlorinated water without washing will affect the quality of the fabric, so be sure to remove and wash every so often.

Can I put the sleeve in the washing machine or must I hand wash? 

You can wash, but use a gentle cycle and don't put in the dryer!